Bird Feeder




Introduction: Bird Feeder

Recycle used materials into a bird feeder.

Step 1:

Materials needed:
Cord or Small Rope
Plastic Jar with lid
PVC pipe
1/4 inch dowel
Paint or markers

Step 2:

With a hole saw or dremel cut some holes in the jar that are about the same size as the inside diameter of the PVC pipe. Space the holes evenly around the jar. Keep the bottom holes at least 1 inch from the bottom of the jar.

Step 3:

Cut the PVC as shown. I used a mitre saw set at 45 degrees. Trim one side of each to be a slight curve to fit into the jar.

Step 4:

Glue the PVC into the jar over each hole. I had to glue one then wait till that was dry before doing the next.

Step 5:

Have some fun decorating the frisbee and the jar. Paint or permanent markers are best for this.

Step 6:

Drill holes just big enough for the cord to pass through in the frisbee evenly spaced around the edge. Insert cord ends down through holes and tie a knot in the end of each one.

Step 7:

Glue the jar lid to the underside of the frisbee in the center. Let that sit over night to cure.

Step 8:

Drill 1/4 inch holes about 1/2 inch below the feeding holes. Cut dowel about 3 inches longer than the width of the jar. Insert the dowel and secure with glue.

Step 9:

After all the glue is cured fill it up to the top with bird seed, screw the lid on, and hang it outside your favorite window.



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25 Discussions

This is very nice and i think it's very easy to do it...thanks so much for sharing

These are absolutely delightful!  And fun too.  A Frisbee of all things.  Our birding/wild life mania has led us on continuous expeditions to find bird feeders that are not only unique but functional.  Retail store and online searches normally produce the typical results.  But THESE are terrific.  We will suggest that our visitors stop be here to see for themselves.  Thank you for these terrific finds.

1 reply

Thank you very much for your kind words. I must caution you though, this design is not squirrel proof. I found this out about 2 weeks after hanging it up when I looked out my window and saw a squirrel inside the feeder enjoying himself immensely. To gain access he had enlarged one of the holes to three times the size I had made them, thus destroying this fun project. For a good squirrel proof design check out this ible It is simple and effective.

That is very well done! It looks just like something you'd buy in a store. :D In fact, if my bird feeder had a colored top and some flowers, it'd be the same thing.

3 replies

And what a brilliantly simple, well thought out and wonderfully presented instructable it is.  I'll be making some of these with my friends children, something more prodtuctive to do with tem than  just playing computer games.

Top marks!

HI! What size do you recommend the pvc pipe should be? I want to make this for my balcony and a little help will be appreciated!

2 replies
Hi giannacl,
I used 1 1/4 PVC which is a good size for the smaller birds. Unfortunately the squirrels wanted bigger holes for easier access and destroyed the jar in just a few days. So if you have squirrels I recommend posting a ‘NO SQUIRRELS’ sign or glue a small ‘rope’ of stainless (so it won’t rust) steel wool around the edge of each opening so they cannot chew the plastic to shreds.
Good luck and have fun.

no squirrels in the Dominican Republic to worry about so i guess it will be fine! of all feeders, yours look the better and soon I'll find out if  it works... I'll let you know!

Thats really good to birds. Thanks

that's cool yeah keep your talent

Thank you for sharing pattern. It's so cheerful and easy for younger to make. I'm going make a few for windows. :)

Nice and inexpensive. I used an aluminum pie pan instead of a Frisbee.

Very impressive. keep up the good work, because of this I have lots of birds flocking on my backyard. what a stress reliever just watching those adorable birds eating. 5+ for this. thanks

This is great. I was literally looking at Lowe's for bird feeder but didn't want to pay $15 for one. You have helped a Bunch! Great Job!