Bird House

Introduction: Bird House

The materials you need

4 wood pieces 9 x 9 inches

Another 2 wood pieces 9 x 9 but with a circle


2 small bowls



3 wood pieces 2 x 9

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Step 1: Putting the Wall

First get on 9 x 9 wood and put it on the bottom and then get another 9 x 9 and put one side and the opposite side and nail the corners for both of the sides

Step 2: Putting the Wall With the Hole

Put a wall with a hole on it and put it on any unoccupied side of the square and nail the edges of the wall while the other one is connected to it on its side so the walls will be able to stand.

Step 3: Adding the Roof

Get another 9 x 9 square and put it on top as the roof, this one will be slanted and there will be a gap between the back side of the feeder and the lower slanted side of the square so water can fall through the feeder and into a structure to hold the water. Then you nail the right and left side of the upper slanted side of the square to make sure it stays slanted.

Step 4: Putting More to the Roof

Get 2 pieces of wood that are 2 x 10 and put it on the side of the wood that it does not have the hole. Nail the 2 x 10 on the top and the nail should reach the bottom of the 2 x 10 keeping it stood up. Do the same for the other 2 x 10 pieces of wood but don't put one above the front wall with the hole.

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    2 years ago

    That looks good, I'd love to put up a house and feeder for the robins in the back yard :)