Bird Cookie





Introduction: Bird Cookie

It's winter. The birds aren't too happy, but if you feed them they will appreciate. I made a bird cookie and I gave it for the birds. One week later there wasn nothing In the bird feeder. :)

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients


- 40g butter

- 45g fat

- a handful of walnut

- a handful of sunflover seeds


- a knife

- a spoon

- a bowl

- a piece of wax paper

You need a mikrowawe oven to make this cookie.You don't need as much from the ingredients, I have written. For example, you can put 50g butter to the bowl.

Step 2: The Mixing

Put the small waxpaper in the bowl. Measure how much you need from the ingrediens. Put them to the mikrowawe oven. The butter melts very easily so it won't take much time to warm up. When the butter has melted take it out from the owen. Mix the fat in the butter, and put it to the mikrowawe owen again. When the fat has melted, take it out from the owen. The mixing is finished.

Step 3: The Seeds

Shred the walnut up a little bit. Put it in the bowl. Mix it, and put the sunflower seeds to the bowl too. Mix it again.

Step 4: Cool Down

Put the bowl on the window sill, or in the fridge. Wait until it's cold. If it's cold pick it up from the window, or take it out from the fridge.

Step 5: Take It Out!

Take out the wax paper from the bowl. Take away the wax paper from the cookie, and your cookie is ready.

Step 6: Feed Your Birds!

Turn the food upside down, and give it to the birds! You are ready!

Inspect the birds, and try to take photos of them. If you have a camera try to put it on the tree and make films of them.

Step 7: Pictures

These are my pictures!



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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Wow, this is really neat! Although where I live I guess the birds wont need a lot of fat.


    3 years ago

    Thank you!

    New meaning to "sticky beak" What a nice Idea!! Well done. You really fed two birds with one cookie!

    Thank you for this, I can't wait to make some for my feeders. I might even use a square plastic container to freeze them in so they will fit my 'cake' feeders!

    That's a great setup!

    Wow, they ate the whole thing in a week. It must be delicious. Do you know what type of bird the are?