Introduction: BirdAppleStation


Welcome to my birdhouse. This is my first own building project and I'm not a native speaker so please excuse any misspelling. Have fun.


Step 1: Wooden Boards

First you need wood. Much wood. I used this wooden board. Then I sawed the wooden board in little parts. Two with 40cm x 12 cm and two with 13cm x 12cm. Then I filed the corners with sandpaper.

Step 2: Drill Holes

On the bottom line of one of the long boards I drilled three holes size 3. The edge of the second board was attached to this using some old screws.

Step 3: Sides

  • Now you use the sides and screw it to the body.

Step 4: The Stick

Next I drill a hole in the first side and in the other side only a pit. I have to widen the pit. Next I took a rocket stick and put it through the hole.

Step 5: The Roof

Now I saw the next board with 46cm x 12cm. On the bottom side I drilled five holes. Second I hold the plank aslope and fix it with screws. Before this I already sawed too small boards so I have to fix it in two part, but it`s aslope again for keep away the rain.

Step 6: The Cover

Finaly I used foil to make the house rain save. With a tacker I attached it to the wood. Next I cut the overlaying foil.

Step 7: Ready

Now just put the apples on the stick and wait for the birds. You should drill the apples before sticking them.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable. Questions and comments are welcome and please vote for me cause I want a T-shirt. 8-)

Thanks Tubebird. ;)



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    6 Discussions

    Nice birdfeeder


    2 years ago

    Great first instructable. I would suggest you paint the wood with a weatherproof paint, else untreated wood will rot and warp quickly. Great idea!

    No, cats arn't interested in aples and other animales are to big or not interested,too.

    As a visual learner, thank you for having so many pictures!

    Cool bird feeder. Do you have any problems with other animals stealing the food?