Birdcage Necklace




Introduction: Birdcage Necklace

This necklace would be more glittering in the evening.

Step 1: You Will Need

1 crochet hook
2 white color of yarn
3 chain
4 5mm LED (white)
5 LED cap (blue)
6 3V coin cell battery
7 vinyl tape

and scissors, needle..

Step 2: Tape the LED to the Battery

Tape the LED leads to the battery (the longer lead touching positive + and the shorter lead touching negative - of the battery ).
Keep the tape very tight.

Using the blue color of LED cap, necklace's light will be more subtle and when it's completed it looks like a Bluebird of Happiness!

Step 3: Crochet

Cover the battery and LED in single crochet.

Step 4: Crochet a Bird Cage

Step 5: Attach a Chain

Attach a chain to the birdcage.



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    40 Discussions

    I absolutely LOVE this!! It's beautiful and a bit magical! You've got me thinking of ways to accomplish something similar using wire wrapping...

    3 replies

    Hi, mslaynie! I haven't noticed your comment for 4 years!! Thank you put your comment and...wonder if you remember this?? ;)

    You know, I had forgotten about the comment, but I'll blame that on my old age. After a quick glance, it came back to me, and I still love it!

    thank you mslaynie. I'm glad you think so. I really love here though I'm slow- crafter. thank you so much for your comment:)

    Simple steps and beautiful necklace. Love it!

    1 reply

    I really thank you for your nicely comment!

    I love this so much. Makes me feel like I can catch a fairy and keep it all to myself. ^.^ It seems to be easy but the only thing is the battery needs to be able to be changed after it is spent. I was wondering if there could be like a small latch at the bottom of the cage where the batteries can pop out and be changed. If I can get the time to crochet it I will try and work on that and see if I can come up with something with it. When I do I will be sure to let ya know so ya can add it to the pattern photos and all. ^.~ Happy Crocheting hun. Love yer work. ^.~

    2 replies

    Thank you so for your comment!
    I actually did small improvement that I can do switch-on and off the light of this necklace using a tiny switch. But in this case, I need to do soldering. It's a bit pain for me...explaining it in English here ;p.
    I'll try to show it with decent text and images soon!

    ^.^ well it is very pretty and really fun lookin for a person like myself that likes Mystical. ^.^ I am sorry to give you aggravation on having to type in another language. You have a great time Crafting hun. ^.^

    'sc' means second crochet. If you get any crochet book it should give all of the abbreviations you should need to know

    It's kinda difficult to get a book with english abbreviations here in Germany ;-)

    But I'll have a look with Google...


    Congrattulations! Very beautifull and delicate work! And very detailed instructable too. Hope to see more like this!

    I haven't read Robert Jordan although I recognized the title. I was actually thinking this might be an interesting way to do the wisp (name escapes me at the moments) that Kahlan Amnell uses to cross the barrier in the Legend of the Seeker / Sword of Truth 'verse.