This is an easy to make, good looking bird house you can hang up anywhere outside your house. It is cheap to make, and looks good.

Step 1: Materials

Before building your bird house you are going to get all your materials.

You will need to get

1. 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick wood. (whatever kind you like)

2. Wood Glue

3. Clamps

4. Your tools. You will need a ruler, pencil, sander, a Miter Saw, and a drill press with a 1 1/2 Inch drill bit.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

First thing you need to do it make the dimensions for your bird house. Using the Miter saw I cut out the walls and the floor of the bird house. I made them 7 inches long and 5 inches high.

Then after that you can cut out the front and back of the bird house. Your front piece is going to have to be 11 inches high and 6 inches wide. It will be glued flat to the front and I used 1/2 Inch walnut for the walls, so each wall adds an extra 1/2 Inch to the 5 Inch bottom.

To make the angles on the front and back, measure up 7 inches and draw a line, then go from the top of that line on the corned and measure a 45 degree angle and cut it off on the miter saw. Do this to each side on the front and back pieces and you will have a nice point for the roof.

Then using your wood glue, glue the two side walls and the back wall to the floor piece and line up all the edges. Make sure everything lines up nicely and clamp it all together to dry. The wood glue will set in about 30 minutes so make sure you made no mistakes and that everything is lines up and flush. You will want to let those pieces sit and dry over night because the wood glue will take 24 hours to completely dry.

Step 3: Drilling

Take the piece of wood you were going to use for the front and find the center of it. To find the center, using a ruler measure your piece, which should be 7 Inches and put a dot in the middle of it, which would be 3 1/2 inches. Then do the same thing from the top which would be 5 1/2 inches and where the two points line up is the center of the bird house.

Using your drill press and a 1 1/2 inch drill bit, drill a hole in the center of the wood. once you have drilled your hole, you can glue the front piece to the walls and let that dry.

Step 4: Roof

To make the roof you need to cut one piece of wood 8" x 8" and the other one 8" x 7 1/2". The pieces will be glued to the top of the house, and be touching at the top so there is not gap in between them. They will also be hanging over the walls.

When gluing the roof on, make sure the front and backs are all flush so there are no gaps in the roof. The smaller piece of wood will be glued to the side of the bigger one, but they will both over hang equally on each side. Let the roof set and dry and then you bird house is all done.

Step 5: Hang It Up

Once done with your bird house you can hang it up. You can add a wooden dowel to the front underneath the entrance for the common look.

You can nail it into the side of a tree or just place it securely between the branches. You can attach hooks and chains to the bird house and have it hanging if you want, or place it on your deck in a barn.

Just make sure it is in a safe place where it will not be knocked down, and a place most animals could not reach it to destroy it

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    1 year ago



    2 years ago

    This is great! Just a couple of points for the maker and commenters, not to be annoying but because I learned a lot myself from watching Youtube and reading books on the subject and want to pass this on:

    1. Perches (usually wood dowels) are discouraged since they are not necessary for birds, but often used by predators.

    2. Make scatches or use metal cloth on the inside near the hole so the birds can climb out of the house and can grip easier.

    3. Making a few holes in the bottom (for drainage)

    4. Add a back

    5. Leave the walls a little shorter in height so that there can be a little airflow.

    6. Add some way for it to be opened so that it can be cleaned.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to make this Instructable and thanks for the commenters. Birdhouses are fun to make and can be very relaxing after a long day in the salt mines. Best of luck


    3 years ago

    My class and I are gonna make this as a project!! Thanks so much for shaing


    3 years ago on Introduction

    in the future, I would recommend adding a back to the project. Those nasty squirls can get into the open back and totally eat all those little baby birds. That would be really sad and the mommy bird would probably cry. I don't want that to happen!!!!


    4 years ago

    Don't add a perch! It's not necessary for them and it gives predators something to sit on outside. Also the hole should be higher and depending on the species of bird you are trying to attract it may need to be smaller. A birdhouse should be built to suit one type of bird (or more if the specs are the same.) Also drilling small holes in the floor help with ventilation and drainage. As well the roof should overhang at least an inch to help protect from the elements. You should consider putting it on a pole to discourage predators (like squirrels) from trying to climb to it. The houses should be built to suit the birds not necessarily look good. Just my knowledge and experience. (I built 2 house with my kids for the chickadees that hang out in our yard and they moved in soon after I put them outside on poles atop my garage roof!)

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    No perch for the bird to stand on? Great looking house! I love the contrast between the wood's used!

    1 reply

    Thank you! and the perch can be added on, also wanted to add on a little feature that holds bird fed onto the side