Birdhouses to Help Birds and Decorate Garden



Introduction: Birdhouses to Help Birds and Decorate Garden

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What ?

Why ?

- to help the birds
- to have a relaxing birds singing in the garden
- to play/spend time with kids (during project making)
- to create unusual and personalized decoration for Your garden
- to be eco ;-)

Step 1: Decide What Bird Species Do You Want to Live in Your Bird House.

There are no universal birdhouse. Their sizes and shapes depends on birds which are ment to live in them. Do some research what birds are in Your area.
Then search for a good house sizes on the internet.

In my case, I chose house for sparrow, so my dimensions are:
Entrance - 33mm
Height - 240mm
Depth - 110mm

Remember: Distance between bottom and the entrance can not be to short to avoid predators (ie. cats)

Step 2: Prepare Elements

Do some cuttings. In fact You will only need just:
- two same sizes sides
- one front
- one back
- the roof

I recommend to cut first the rear, than the front and then You will know how cut the sides and the bottom. The roof should be about 2' (5cm) longer than whole birdhouse

Make the hole for an entrance (use drill, or thin saw, or eaven carving, sharp knife)

Step 3: Mounting

Make small drill holes in front and rear desks to avoid wood splitting. Now connect those parts with the sides with screws. That's all!

Step 4: Decorating

Bird's doesn't mind if they live in painted or not painted home, buyt You do. Painted birdhouses could be very decorative and could give something new to Your garden.
That's all. You have nice looking birhouses. Now wait and enjoy birds singing in the spring.

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