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Introduction: Bite-sized S'more Pockets

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These sweet, crusty brown snacks are extremely irresistible, and are perfect for parties and spending time with friends. They don't take any longer to make than regular s'mores, and can even be better for all those weight watchers out there (this will soon be explained.)

The idea of these pocket s'mores is that:

1. They are not messy to eat, unlike their traditional cousin,

2. They are not very large and are, as called,  'bite-sized', and

3. The flavors are more evened out, so that one flavor is not too overwhelming, such as too much         marshmallow or chocolate. This helps make the snacks not be too sweet. Also, going along with reason #2, since they are small and do not have too much sweetness (sugar, in this example), they help you keep watch how much you are eating.

These s'mores are good to eat when freshly made, the next day, or whenever you feel like, because they are small, and even easy to store.  So if you are interested in making these little pieces of heaven, you should go to the next step, where I will gladly show you how to make them.

Step 1: The Ingredients

This recipe does not require very many ingredients or utensils. All you will need is:

- Large marshmallows
- Graham Crackers (The flavor is optional, this is your choice; I used Original)
- Chocolate chips
- A skewer
- A spoon (optional)
- and a source of fire

Step 2: Preparing for the S'mores

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, you can finally start! The first thing you will have to do is prepare your marshmallow's "new insides" (you will understand this later on). First, just simply take out a few graham crackers from the box and crush them up into small pieces, about the size of the "Control" or "Tab Key" on your keyboard. Once you have finished breaking the crackers, put them in a small pile on your workplace. Then, take out some chocolate chips and lay them next to the pile.

And now you're done preparing!!!

Step 3: Roasting the Marshmallows!!!

While making these pocket s'mores, you will need to roast your marshmallows in a specific way. You don't necessarily have to roast them like I'm going to tell you, just I suggest you do, for I have found this as the easiest and quickest way:

This is a rather simple procedure. Take a skewer and put a marshmallow on it. Then, get a source of fire such as a cooktop or a fireplace. Now, when you roast the marshmallow, keep it rather close to the fire. You will need to let a ridge catch on fire, but right as it does, blow it out!!! Keep repeating this procedure until all of the ridges are dark brown or black. Dark brown is tastier, though.

This particular procedure is important for the next step to work out.

Step 4: Surgery: Exchanging the Innards.

Once you have finished properly roasting your marshmallow(s), you will need to perform a quick and swift surgery. Grab the marshmallow by its sides, and gently pull the skewer out.* If you properly roasted the marshmallow, the inside "guts" of the marshmallow should come out. It they don't, unfortunately, will need to make a new one. If only a part of the goo came out, you can use a teaspoon, if you want, to get some more out.**

*When removing the marshmallow's "guts", you need to make sure that you don't squeeze the sides too hard, or the marshmallow's skin will stick together and will be hard to take apart without ripping it.

**About the "guts" you pulled out, you can do whatever you want with them. You could eat them right then and there, or roast them so that you have a mini marshmallow, or anything! Be creative!!

Now, with the marshmallow empty, put a small piece of graham cracker in it and a few chocolate chips. Then, squeeze the top of the marshmallow shut. And now you're done!!! Your new Marshmallow Pocket is all yours to eat, or to give to someone else. And this can also be a surprise for some people, for they don't expect that your creation is a s'more!

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    This is awesome! I LOVE smores and this is just another awesome way to eat them!!! I do that when I roast marshmallows,but i let it burn for a bit so when I peel off the skin(which i also eat,unlike my family members..more for me i guess ^-^) so the 'guts' are extra gooey. This is really creative and awesome you rock!!!

    So I'm thinking.. get larger marsh mellows, set them down in a row on the table, cut out a hole in the top of each one so the bottom is still intact, fill with graham cracker and chocolate, TORCH the marshmellows.... and WALA. YUM YUM YUM.

    ... now I just need to purchase a torch...

    Ever try removing some of the middle of an uncooked mallow and putting the choc/graham inside before it goes in the flame? I'm just imagining a gooey, perfectly browned marshmallow with a melted chocolate center....mmmm

    2 replies

    I have taught lots of people that trick! It amazes me that people never figured that trick out! Burn baby burn!

    That is a pretty good idea, just first you need to figure out how to actually do that with an uncooked marshmallow. I already tried doing that, but even a knife doesn't help.

    Let me know if you know how. =) 

    Try using those new Hersheys Drops, I've used the Reeces mini cups you don't have to fight the little brown paper with these.

    Thank you! It's a better way to eat s'mores in a non-messy way!

     i recommend to rename step #4 to "Surgery: Exchanging the Innards". smores are epic.

    1 reply

    I tried roasting marshmallows over my gas flame, and they tasted a little off...  I bet I could use a candle flame!

    5 replies

    Short and funny story, one night I had the midnight munchies and I wanted roasted marshmallows, but i had a couple problems, First was we only had small marshmallows, and I was in no condition to be driving to get large marshmallows. So what I did was take a paper clip, bent it, stuck a mini marshmallow on the end of it, and cooked it over little teapot candle.

    The point of that story was the candle tasted funny. ive done it over gas stoves they taste a little off as well. The only REAL WAY to get the roasted marshmallow flavor, that ive found, is a real fire either in a fire place, or a fire pit.

    The only real way to get the flavour is roasting it with the coals, not the flame on an open fire

    Hmmmm, maybe a tabletop bbq then... I wonder if those little bitty grills from several 'ibles give an off flavor?

     That sounds like a good idea. I also used a gas flame, though I didn't taste anything odd...

    I have a little rig set up in my room for that right now. I made a stand and rotating spit out of stiff wire, and spit roast marshmallows over a carefully measured candle, with the flame being the perfect distance away for even browning. :D

    These look yummylicious!!!!! I'll try making them tonight when we sit by the fireplace:-)