Biz Card Dispenser

Introduction: Biz Card Dispenser

Business Card Dispenser

  • Holds your business cards neatly without curling the corners.
  • When you need them, simply slide 1 out with your thumb.
  • Impress your clients at your next meeting with your 3D printed card dispenser.

Holds up to 20 thick or 28 thin standard size business cards.

Everything is 3D printed and requires no other hardware

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Step 1: Printed Parts

There are only 5 different parts to print.

I used 1.75 PLA on y Rostock Max v2.

  • Bed Temp 40c
  • Extruder Temp at 200
  • 0.15 layer height
  • 0.5 nozzle
  • Slic3r v1.2.9

When printing Springs, I recommend printing both at the same time. Also let the cool completely before handling. I found that handling them while warm causes them to lose their spring tension.

When Cleaning the Base check the grooves on the sides, sometimes a string of filament will not adhere to the print.

Step 2: Assembling Steps 1 & 2

Step 1

Insert Springs into base. Square peg into Square hole.

Step 2

Install retainer over springs. There are slots in the base on the sides that the retainer will snap into. Insert one end of the retainer into the slot, the push the other end of the retainer until it snaps into the slot.

The retainer helps hold the springs in place.

Step 3: Assembling Steps 3 & 4

Step 3

Drop Tray into base. Push down on tray, it should spring back up smoothly.

Step 4

Slide Top onto Base, make sure the slot on the base is to the back...see photo. After fully sliding Top into place make sure it is in the grooves. Then check to see if end of top is not bowed down, if so remove top and clean the grooves on the Base. If the top is bowed down then cards will not slide out easily.

Step 4: Installing Cards

To install the Business Cards, slide Top back about 3/4 of the way and insert cards.

Do not fill completely, this will cause the first few cards difficult to dispense. With Thick cards it holds about 17 nicely, with thinner cards about 22.

Step 5: Operation

To dispense a card, from the back push down with thumb then push forward. The card should dispense about half way, making it easy for client to grab.

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    3 Discussions


    10 months ago

    I made one of these, but unfortunately left it in my car on a hot day, and the springs flattened out. The card dispenser is very nice otherwise. I think I will try to make some new springs out of some spring steel.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice. I could use one of these to pass out my business cards.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, I use it and it definitely gets attention.