Black and Decker Cooler Leaking-TEAR DOWN TO THE NOZZELS

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Some tools Phillips screw driver

A pry tool

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Step 1: Remove Screws on the Back

Working from one side at a time go down removing all the screws holding the side panels and top out

Step 2: Removing Push Buttons

8 screws hold the push buttons on

Step 3: Remove the Front Cover

Using the pry tool and phillips

From the back remove the screws holing the font panel 4 of them

Then u have to use pry tool and Phillips screw driver to pop the front off

Sorry no pics

Step 4: Nozzle Check

U can now unscrew the nozzle on top so u can look inside for any blockage



Step 5: Rubber Gasket

Don't forget this rubber gasket if falls off

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