Black Balloon Burst With a Twist




Introduction: Black Balloon Burst With a Twist

This instructable and video combine the balloon in a balloon trick with the properties of a Phoenix green laser pointer from Wicked Lasers. Properties of the Phoenix and other lasers can be discussed at the laser forum.

"Posted by Laser Community member: tchplant"

Step 1: List of Materials.

You will need a black balloon, crystal clear balloon and a laser such as a 75mW Phoenix green laser. Buy your balloons in bulk. With all of the variations on this theme, you will be going through a lot of them.

Step 2: Preparing the Clear Balloon.

Using the Phoenix as a dowel, slip the clear balloon over the pointer and roll it up.

Step 3: Insert the Black Balloon.

Fold the black balloon in a way that allows you to partially insert it into the clear balloon you've just removed from the pointer.

Step 4: Encapsulate the Black Balloon

Unroll the clear balloon over the partially inserted black balloon, leaving the end of the black balloon exposed.

Step 5: Inflating the Balloons.

Blowing only into the black balloon, inflate both balloons as large as you can without bursting. Then tie-off the black balloon.

Step 6: Tying Off the Clear Balloon

Tuck the end of the black balloon into the clear balloon and tie-off the clear balloon. It is not necessary to further inflate the clear balloon.

Step 7: Bursting the Black Balloon.

Holding steady, direct the beam from the Phoenix laser pointer at the side of the combined balloons.

Step 8: The Result

The laser will pass through the clear balloon bursting the black balloon within, leaving you with the remnants of the black balloon within the inflated clear balloon.

"Posted by Laser Community member: tchplant"



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    this has nothing to do with the properties of the laser. it makes the black one bust because the clear one absorbs almost none of the energy form the laser but the black one absorbs almost all of it

    3 replies

    because of the colour of the balloon or am i missing something?
    Kinda like polar bears?

    Can you do this with a flashlight or a steak knife? No, neither have the properties of a laser. However, I agree this also deals with the properties of the balloons. A candle burns because of the properties of both the candle and the match that lit it.

    but although this properties of lasers in general affect this trick, the fact that the laser he used is a phoenix has nothing to do with it. I can pop balloons with my phoenix, I can pop them with my core. the only difference is with a more powerful laser they burst faster or without aid.

    Then download a distro with an online install disk. It downloads only the packages you want. I don't know if Ubuntu has something like that, but I know there is one for Fedora. The ISO is something like 14mb.

    but it hads to download all packages during install. so if u install 3 fedoras, it would be 1-2GB and if u install 1000 ubuntus its still 700 MB

    I would not suggest buying lasers from wickedlasers and chating at lasercommunity. Lasercommunity mutes you for disagreeing with them. Wickedlasers have BAD quality overpriced underspec and bad customerservice.

    7 replies

    they don't ship to the US anymore. Something about a problem in the circuit or quality or something...

    i thought it was a regulation enforced by paypal (their payment provider) and fda

    the point is that you can't get any lasers over 5mw to us using paypal. so you will probably need a person to recive it for you (preferably in canada or mexico) and ship it to you.

    yeah. fda (food and drug administration, aka the LAW) prohibits lasers over 5mw without a key switch, time delay, and some other safety features. unfortunately, those features mean more expensive to get US legal lasers. so, yup. you could ship it to a friend in a different country and then ask them ship it to you in a box, which the shipping company probably wouldn't check to see what's inside. Of course, if they do, you're screwed XD