Black Beauty Cigar Box Guitar




Introduction: Black Beauty Cigar Box Guitar

This is the second guitar I have made. It started with a really nice box from Rocky Patel Cigars. It is an anniversary edition box with a metal plate on the front which really dressed up the overall look. I also ordered fret wire which took the place of my 'toothpick' version. The box itself is thicker than most boxes and gives a richness to the sound of the guitar. In keeping with the originality of the CBG, I opted to use a regular bolt for the nut and brass wood screws for the fret buttons. I also used very small brass screws on the side of the neck for fret markers instead of the small recessed buttons usually used. The bridge is actually a mandoline bridge that I re-scored for my six strings. The tuning keys were purchased from a local music store for $18. At the base of the guitar I used a standard cabinet door hinge to keep the strings in line. Also at the base I used jewelry making crimp findings that slipped nicely into my pre-drilled holes for the strings. This worked very well & keeps the strings from cutting into the wood. The clasp on the side was added more for cosmetic reasons but if I want to turn this into an electric guitar, it will make things more accessable.

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    Hey ive been thinking recently about making my own cigar box guitar and i especially liked the look of yours and i was just wondering how much one such as yours costs to make ?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I just made one similar (but without an actual fingerboard, or fancy bridge) for about $15-$18... Now, granted I had the tuners and the pickup laying around, but other than that... The frets were made of coat hanger. I still need to make a better bridge (the bolt doesn't hold the strings too well). Harmonics are solid and she likes the open tuning of G (holds standard tuning, but doesn't play 100% true until I fix the bridge/tail piece).


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I think you have room to improve like if you were to use a scroll saw instead of a dremel or even a coping saw, your f-holes would look really professional. I recently picked up a scroll saw at a garage sale for 25 bucks. Awesome job!