Black Bird Mask

Introduction: Black Bird Mask

I made a black mask with a beak to make it look like a black bird.

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Step 1: Sketch

First, I sketched out how the final mask will look like.

Step 2: Cardboard Base of the Mask

To start the mask I cut two rectangles out of cardboard for my base. Then I cut 3 and one half inch wings out of the rectangles.

Step 3: Hot Glueing Base Together

Next, I hot glued the two pieces of cardboard together in the middle.

Step 4: Eye Holes

I cut two one inch eye holes in the middle of the mask.

Step 5: Triangle Shape for the Beak

I folded a piece of cardboard into a triangle shape, with small tabs, for the beak.

Step 6: Plaster Wrap

I used plaster wrap to attach the beak to the mask. Then I used three layers of plaster wrap to completely cover the mask.

Step 7: Painting the Mask Black

I let the plaster wrap dry, then i painted the whole mask black.

Step 8: Decorating With Feathers

I hot glued white fluffy feathers and small black feathers onto the wings.

Step 9: Elastic Band So That It Is Wearable

Last, I hot glued a long elastic strap to the back of the mask so I could wear it.

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