Black Forest Cake

Introduction: Black Forest Cake

Very Common yet yummy German originated cake. It has that lovely taste of cherries along with chocolate and cream.

Do watch the video so that you find it more easy to make. Give a try its fantastic....

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Step 1: Ingredients


All purpose flour - 300 grams

Sugar-200 grams

Egg Whites- 3

Vanilla Essence powder- 1/2 tsp 10 grams

Cocoa powder- 1/3 cup

Milk- 1/2 cup

Oil- 3 tbsp

Egg Yolks- 3

Baking Soda- 1 1/2 tsp

Cherry Pulp ( Boiled cherries with sugar )

Decorating cake cherries

Cooking Chocolate -100 grams

Butter- 100 grams

Butter cream

Whipping cream

Step 2: Method


( I would Suggest you all to watch the video , to get more clear idea of how its done)

Sift in a bowl all purpose flour, baking soda, cocoa powder and vanilla essence powder , mix well and keep it aside.

Now in a bowl beat the egg whites and add sugar (half of what is there), and vanilla essence powder. Beat till reaches nice peak and keep aside .

Next , Beat in separate bowl egg yolks ,remaining sugar and butter( butter should be at room temperature). Beat till every thing is nicely incorporated. Now add this mixture in the egg white mixture. Mix well.

Add the dry ingredients into the wet mixture. Mix well and put it in baking dishes (3 baking dish i have used here of 7 to 8 inch size).. Try to put the cake batter equally in all the dishes.

Bake it for 30 minutes at 190 degrees.


Add in a bowl the whipping cream and whip with beater till reaching nice peak , now add the butter cream in the whipping cream and beat them together. Put some of the cream in a piping bag .

After the cakes are out of the oven let them rest for some time . Then try to cut them in equal sizes . Layer the first cake with sugar syrup and on top the cream and then the cherry pulp. put the next cake on top of it and repeat the process. After piling up the third cake later it with butter cream and scrap it to give a nice proper shape , then add on top the cooking chocolate flakes( you can find how to do that in the video) . Use the piping bag to decorate the cake and add the decorative cherries on top at the end.....

Your cake is ready .....Eat n Enjoy.

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