Black Hawk Egg Carton Glider




This is a fun and easy project for kids and adults!
I've adapted this project from Paul Billings' design.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- Styrofoam egg carton lid
- Marker and pen
- scissors
- ruler
- knife
- penny
- black paint
- Glider pattern:

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Make two marks on the wings of the pattern, 1 and 3  inches from the inner corners of the tail, about a half in in from the edge.
We'll be using these marks later to make the wing flaps.

Cut the pattern out, and trace it on the inside of the carton with a marker. Carefully  cut the glider out with a knife.

Step 3: Make the Wing Flaps

Remember those marks we made on the pattern earlier?

Draw lines from those points straight down to the edge of the wing.
Place the template over the glider again, and use your knife to cut those lines into the glider.

Once the cuts are made, line up the inner points and score a lines with a pen and ruler to make the flaps.

Step 4: Paint It!

You can color the glider however you want.
I opted for spray paint.

I sprayed mine in a pizza box to control the mess.

It might also look awesome to make small designs on the wings with a silver sharpie... maybe a skull and crossbones, and the words "DEATH FROM ABOVE"  LOL.


Step 5: Fly It!

Add a penny in the slot near the nose for weight.
It should fit snugly.

Now go outside and throw!
Experiment with the flaps to make your glider preform turns and loops!

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    30 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Try adding a small pager motor to build a jet fighter that can fly longer

    1 reply

    Now all I have to do is locate a pager in 2014...


    I'm sure I can find one at a thrift shop. Thanks for the tip!


    5 years ago

    They are called elevons.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. Our egg crate might have been a bit wider, as our winglets look small, but it flies great.


    5 years ago

    very nice, but I call those ailerons not flapping wings :-)


    5 years ago

    very nice, but I call those ailerons not flapping wings :-)