Black Powder Cannon




About: Professional fabricator and certified welder

Material's List
1- 6" x 1/2'' Mild Steel Round Tube
1- 3/8" Cold Roll Steel Bar
Angle Grinder
Cut Off Saw or Grinder Holder
Drill Bit Set
Arc Welder
Rotary Tool
Brass Picture Hanging Kit

Step 1: Preparation of Barrel and Plug

Cut your half inch steel tube to 6 Inches long. Make sure to use your Rotary Tool to gently smooth the inner part of the barrel just about 1/16 of an inch deep at a very gentle curve. Lightly grind the outside barrel edge with your Angle Grinder or Rotary Tool.
Cut your 3/8 inch steel bar to make a 3\4 inch plug for your end piece lightly grind edges smooth.

Step 2: Welding and Drilling

Place plug 1/16 of an inch into your prepped pipe and use a dowel and clamp to secure it in place at the longer end to get a tack. Now with I straight up weld up a nice puddle inside and build it up about a 1/4 inch. We will use the angle grinder to smooth and round next. Now we will take a measurement of the depth of the barrel and subtract 2/16 of an inch and drill our fuse hole . next cut and weld two 1" round bar pieces to the balance point .

Step 3: Build a Frame

Use your imagination and create a wooden frame for your cannon and adorn it with the brass hardware kit . also a dowel drilled out with a screw makes a great plug puller and a ram rod can be made the same way.

Step 4: Review

Have fun !!! Warning Be RESPONSIBLE!!!! Safety Goggles and Heavy Gloves are Required!

Step 5: Firing the Cannon

I used several methods to fire it but settled on using Firecrackers as the propellant for ease of use and safety . Combined with a bottle rocket fuse and 3/8 inc wood dowel or 3/8 inch Cold Roll Steel Bar cut into nice little plugs work great for plinking targets . It penetrated my "ballistic foam" about 6 inches deep and was recovered to reuse .



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    5 years ago

    I will be making a black powder rifle with the same stock steel soon should be fun.