Black & White Lamp

This Lamp was created based on concepts of design and minimalism.

The materials used here are:
Wood Glue
Black and White Paint.
Parchment Paper
For the connection lamp:
A bulb set and cord 
A lightbulb

We will cut the 6 faces of the lamp, that depends on the size that you want, (the size on the picture is 55x34x21 cm), the two big faces are cut in 5mm material, the side faces are cut in 3mm material; also, you have to cut the holes in the forms you want with the jig; the side faces are glued to the front faces through nails and wood glue so, the side faces will take the wavy form. Then you have to paint the faces also with the forms you want using the black and white paint. On the inside of the box, you have to glue the parchment paper covering the holes, and finally you have to put the connection inside. You can use this with a base or just over a table. 

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