Black and Gold Two Tone Oxford Shoes




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This project came about because I was looking for a pair of fun "spiffy" shoes for an upcoming event. I could not find any shoes like this that did not cost an eye, so I made them. If you make a pair, enjoy them as much as I have.

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Step 1: Materials

Pair of oxford style shoes- Old or new (I used an old pair sitting in the closet)
Gold Metallic Spray Paint (but feel free to use any color of choice)
Blue painters tape
Newspaper (to protect work area)
Permanent marker in color matching original color of shoes (for touch up)

Step 2: Masking the Shoes

Remove the laces from the shoes. Make sure the shoes are nice and clean. Mask of the areas you want to stay black. I masked the vamp, quarter, throat, welt and heel of the shoes on both sides. Leaving the toe cap, heel cap, and eyelet areas exposed to be painted gold. I tucked the tounge into the front of the shoe.

Step 3: Spraying the Shoes

Lay out some newspaper and in a well ventilated area spray  paint the toe cap, heel cap, and eyelet areas that have been left exposed. Let dry.

Step 4: Removing Masking and Touch Up

Remove the blue masking tape carefully. If any areas had leak of paint, use a permanent marker in color matching original color of shoes to touch up.

Step 5: Put on Your Laces and Enjoy Your New Shoes!

Put shoelaces back on shoes and strut your stuff in your new shoes.

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