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Introduction: Black and Red Card Magic Trick

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Hey guys, I have new instructable for you. This is a awesome magic trick. This trick is also performed by many well known magicians on stage.

What will you need:
A deck of cards.

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Step 1: Arrangement

This trick needs an arrangement. You have to arrange them alternatively. Red then black and then red..... And so on.

Step 2: Fake Cuts

Act as if you are giving some cuts to the deck but the alternative arrangement of re an black will be destroyed. To prevent this you will have to give some fake cuts. Divide the cards into two equal decks(not exactly equal). Make sure the top card of both the half decks is of same colour(see the images to get it better). Do not mix the two decks. You need to keep them separate by putting a finger between them(don't show the audience that you are putting the finger). Tell them to say stop whenever they like. Then you have to stop. Now you have one single deck of cards. Give the top two cards to the volunteer or spectator. You can freely see them and memorise well. Tell the spectator to memorise them too.

Step 3: Riffle.

My top two cards were ten of clubs and 2 of diamonds. Keep them apart for a minute. Tell the spectator again to say stop when you riffle(if you don't know how to riffle, tell them to choose a place between two cards). Secretly see the card that is face up(see picture no 2),my was ? of diamonds. The face up card, 10 of diamond(I'm saying 10 of diamonds only for reference, it can be any card,only seeing the colour is important) is red so we have to put our red card(2 of diamonds) on it and then the black one(10 of clubs). In this way the red and black alternation is destroyed for those two particular cards as we are putting the red card(2 of diamonds ) upon another red card(10 of diamonds)instead of the black card(10 of clubs). Therefore for that particular area the arrangement is:
Red black red black red red black black red black red black

Step 4: Dividing in Piles

Divide the deck into 4 piles. Do this in order that means you cannot use the top card of the deck as a card of fourth pile, the first one will be the first card of the first pile and second as the first card of second pile and so on. If by chance any card blows away you cannot put that card on any other pile. It has to be in these pile otherwise the trick will be destroyed. As the cards were in red and black order, the first and third pile will be of same color and second and fourth pile will also be same color. See the image for reference. Don't tell it to the people that the color of piles is same.

Pay attention to the picture 2 in this step:
There are two opposite coloured cards in two piles. They are actually the selections. Those two opposite cards will help in thetrick

Step 5: Shuffling 2

Shuffle the two decks that you have but one deck will be face up and other will be face down (see the image)
In this way all face up cards will be either red or black(except the selection).

Step 6: Final Presentation

For this you should know how to do a ribbon spread.
Learn it here:

All face up cards will either be red or black. There will be two opposite cards. Do a ribbon spread then point ot the card and pick it up and then flip the already spread cards and point out another opposite card from there.

See from where I learnt this trick.:

Step 7: Shuffle

Shuffle the first and the third pile and then the second and the fourth pile, now you have two decks.

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    4 years ago

    Please avoid the last step


    4 years ago

    I learnt this from a famous YouTube channel mismag882