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After finishing the chain for my Time turner necklace, I still had a lot of those black jump rings left. I wanted to make a bracelet with it, a bit in the same style as my hogwarts houses bracelets, but at the same time totally different.

When I got the idea of this specific bracelet, I started searching for the perfect beads. This turned out to be harder than I thought: They had to be big enough to fit on the jump rings, yet small enough to let two of them fit on. Also, I needed quite a lot of them.

I first found these lovely blue beads, but they were just a bit too small. My next try, green beads, looked great, until I noticed I only had about five of them. And then I saw these red beads. I never realised how much of those actually were in that mixed box! I placed them next to the black rings, and loved what I was seeing.

I really like the way this turned out, I hope you'll like it too!

Step 1: Materials

To make a bracelet like this, you will need:

- jump rings
- beads
- a closure
- pliers

Step 2: Joining the Rings

Place the first jump ring between the pliers and bend it open with a second pair of pliers (using round nose pliers as second pair also works). This way the jump ring will keep its shape. Add a second ring and close it again. Keep repeating this until you have reached the desired length. Keep in mind that you still have to add the closure.

Step 3: Adding a Closure

You can add the closure the same way as the jump rings. After adding the closure, I tried the bracelet on to check the length, but it fitted a bit too exact for me, so I added an extra piece of chain to it.

Step 4: Adding the Beads

Search the middle jump ring of your bracelet and hold it with your pliers. Bend it open and add a bead. Close it again and move the open side of the jump ring to the opposite side. Hold and open it again and add a second bead.

Step 5: More Beads

You can repeat last step for the remaining rings of the bracelet. I added two beads every other jump ring.

Step 6: Done

And that's it! I really hope you liked this 'ible, if you did, I would love to know!!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    That's great! I made a few pieces of jewelry out of rings, but I never thought about adding the beads :)

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