Black Box Lamp




Introduction: Black Box Lamp

Simple, elegant, easy to build, and cheap lamp.

2 Configurations: Cover up,Cover down

Want to carry it safely or just hide the lamp? place the cover on the box and put the light inside the box.

You just need: - Cardboard box

- cardboard roll

- Fluorescent light, light holder and switch

- The metal part of a round hairbrush

- black thermoresistant paint

- slab of wood

- large hydraulic nut

- 4 long screws

- very small bar

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Step 1: Main Materials

Step 2: Hole

make an hole as large as the screw of the light in the lower part of the box

Step 3: Cut the Roll a Little Lower Than the Box

Step 4: Cut a Piece of Wood Large As the Hole of the Box

Step 5: Cut the Roll Using the Lamp Holder As a Reference

Step 6: Drill 4 Holes in the Piece of Wood, Around the Roll

Step 7: Place the Lamp Holder in a Smaller Piece of Wood

Then cut a small hole for the wire

Step 8: Screw It As in the Picture

Then place the other part of the roll around the light holder and put this part inside the box.

Step 9: Use a Small Nut As a Wire Holder

drill the hole near a corner of the box, not too near to the edge.

Step 10: Drill a Hole in the Cover As Shown in the Picture

Step 11: If Necessary, Paint the Box and the Base of the Light in Opaque Thermoresistant Black

Step 12: Fold the Piece of Metal As Shown in the Picture

the big nut will be screwed on top of this

Step 13: Glue the Piece of Metal Around the Light

use a strong glue

Step 14: Place a Little Stop Under the Cover

Step 15: Screw the Big Nut on the Cover

this will hold in place the cover

Step 16: Screw the Light in the Hole

Enjoy it.

If you want to carry it safely, remove the light and close the box with his cover.

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    10 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good thing the CFLs don't burn out for quite some time, I'd be pissed painting that base of the bulb often!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is so nice! A beautiful and unique product made from simple parts. Thank you.


    5 years ago

    v nice n simple