Black Magic Doll From Bottle

Introduction: Black Magic Doll From Bottle

Material Required

  • Water bottle
  • round pin
  • colors
  • woollen
  • piece of clothe
  • round shape ice cream bowl

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Step 1: Wear Cloth to Bottle

  • In this I put saree to the bottle with the help of round pin.
  • In next step I colored the bottle, empty ice cream bowl which I used as head.

Step 2: Assemble Head and Neck

  • After wearing cloth now prepare the head. take one round shaped ice cream bowl or small size ball (ball and bottle should be proportionate each other)
  • Draw eye,nose eyebrows, mouth on the ball and assemble head and body.
  • take some black woollan and stick it as a hair
  • now the toy is ready to play.

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