Black$Decker Dustbuster New Battery


Introduction: Black$Decker Dustbuster New Battery

My vacuum cleaner's Black&Decker Dustbuster battery pack (NiCd) died.

I decide to use a new D1-3S 12V-3Ah sealed acid battery (similar to those which we have in our cars, but much, much smaller. See the first picture.

Dimension of that battery is: Length 3 13/16", Width 1 11/16", Height 2".

I can't tell you what the price is, because i have bought it long time ago.

It fits perfectly B&D battery pack compartment if you break some of the technological protrudes; see the picture.

After break them i have inserted the battery and to avoid disassemble entire machine for charging process i made connections with two wires (positive - red and negative - white) sticking out of the vacuum cleaner. now I will be able to hook it to my car's battery charger.

Step 1:

Step 2:



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    1 year ago

    Good idea -- especially in disconnecting and NOT USING the original charger. That's important here, as a NiCd charger -- especially the very simple ones like used on a DB, will destroy the Lead Acid battery.

    Thanks for sharing :)