Blackberry Jam Lattice Tart



Introduction: Blackberry Jam Lattice Tart

My mum recently made a load of Blackberry and Black currant Jam, so I thought what better way to utilise this new jam was to make a tart :). Enjoy!

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Step 1: Ingredients

for the shortcrust:

400g Plain Flour
200g Unsalted Butter
75g Powdered Sugar
1 Egg
Dash of Milk
Dash of Salt

for the filling:

2 large pots of Jam (I used homemade, there are pictures of the empty pots I used :D)

Step 2: The Pastry

Sift the sugar, flour and salt into a mixing bowl.

Add the butter at room temperature and mix until like bread crumbs.

(I recomend using your finger tips or a processor, not a whisk or it will go everywhere!)

Once like breadcrumbs, add the egg and gently poor in the milk (here you can whisk! :D)
Mix the ingredients together until a soft dough is formed (you can add more flour here if necessary).

Wrap the dough in cling flim and place in the fridge for at least an hour before working with it.

Step 3: Working It

Preheat the oven to 180degrees C

Once you've removed the dough from the fridge it is sufficiently chilled out and can be worked.

lightly flour your work surface and unwrap your dough.

Now flour your rolling pin and begin to roll the dough until about 1cm thick.

Drape the dough over your greased pie/tart case/tin, carefully lifting up the edges and pressing the dough into the creases.

Once you've lined your case/tin (if you're working with one similar to mine) gently roll your rolling pin over the edge until the remaining dough can fall off.

Step 4: The Filling and Cover

Evenly scoop your jam onto the pastry case until completely coated and evenly spread.

use your remaining dough to create your lattice stripes, so once again roll it out to 1cm  and cut into 1/2inch strips (or less if you need more strips).

place your strips evenly over your tart, overlapping one another, move them around if necessary :)

once again use your rolling pin around the edges and break off all unneeded pastry.

Step 5: Baking

Beat an egg in a cup, using a brush, evenly paint it into the pastry pieces.

Using some ordinary sugar, sprinkle it over the pie to create a crunchy sweet taste :) Optional of course.

Place into the oven for 30minutes, or until the pastry is a golden brown

Step 6: Enjoy!!

Once golden brown remove the tart from the oven.

Gently go around the edge of the pan with a plastic knife to loosen the the pastry from pan.

cut into individual pieces and share!

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