Blackberry TrackPad Fix




It's really easy all that's needs is foil and you are able to use the phone this common issue with the phone is simple fix

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Step 1: Temporary Fix

This is the only step because it's so simple all you need is foil even the stuff found in a peanut butter cup or gum will work Just wrap your finger in foil that's it seems that this issue is common that's it

Step 2: Needed

Foil any kind will do eg. Gum, PB cup, etc... Blackberry with a broken trackpad I used the 9300 model on T-Mobile

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    2 years ago

    My trackpad quit answering so I turned off, removed the battery, stroked the trackpad as I reinstalled the batt and it loaded and worked to respond to the button push. Still doesn't work to stroke, but did the foil trick on my finger and worked! Put foil around a pencil eraser with tape and it works...good enough for me. New pad costs approx $4-6. and other sites show how to replace with some skill and time. Thanks!