Blackened Hot Savce




This Hot sauce is pretty mild and has a smoky flavor imparted to it by the Morita Chiles (smoked jalapeños). I trade these salsas with likeminded friends and other hot sauce heads. Some of my contacts are in New Jersey and we send 4oz jars of our creations back and forth across the country.

Enjoy! -KVLT

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Step 1: KVLT Prodvce

Select your ingredients.

For this hot savce, I vsed:

2) Black peppers (chiles negros) -rehydrated

2) Pasilla ancho -rehydrated

2) Chiles Moritas -rehydrated

1) Red onion -grilled/broiled

3) Garlic cloves -raw

1/2 cup) Olive or vegetable oil

1/4 cup) White vinegar

Salt to taste - usually around 1tsp

Step 2: Drown the Chiles!

Put the kettle on and boil water

Deseed the dehydrated chiles and prep your other ingredients

immerse the chiles to rehydrate them for 15-30 minutes covered

Save the water you've used and add during processing. It will have some heat to it!

Step 3: Into the Flames!

I broiled the onions, but left the garlic raw.

Don't broil the chiles.

Step 4: Blitz It!

Add the ingredients to the food processor.

I combined them in the the following order, but I'm not sure it matters:

olive oil -while processor/blender is off

onion -turn processor on





1/2 cup+) water from soaked chiles

Taste with a clean spoon (after you've turned the processor off)

Add more salt or vinegar if needed

Step 5: Victory...

Welcome to KVLT.

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