Blackhead Mask




This tutorial will teach you how to create your own Blackhead Mask. Obviously it will treat the blackheads which are in the region of your face.

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Step 1: Gathering

In order to make this face mask you will need:

> 1 spoon egg white

> 1 spoon lemon juice

> 1 tissue

> bowl

You can take fresh lemon juice by cutting a lemon and squishing out the juice. You can also just take the lemon juice which is sold in nearly every supermarket. The egg white and the lemon juice are both added into the bowl.

Step 2: Mixing

You will need:

>1 Bowl

>the Mixture


In order to create one mixture you have to stir all materials together. Just take the spoon and stir until the products have become one mixture.

Step 3: Applying

You will need:

> a tissue

>the mixture in the bowl



Rinse your face of with water, so that any bacterias are washed away. Put the spoon into the bowl and take an abundant spoon full of the mixture. Then distribute the mass into the concerned regions in which the pimples emerge. Repeat this until the Bowl is empty. Then take the tissue and put it onto the areas where the mixture had been spread.

Step 4: Wait

You will need:


Wait until the tissue is dried. This will take approximately 15-20 minutes and don't forget that it depends on the amount of mixture you have put on your face beforehand.

Step 5: Wash Off

You will need:




After the mask is dried, pull it slowly off. Really do this soft, in order to prevent any unnecessary pains. Then rinse it off and apply some creme if you wish so. The skin will be softer and will have less blackheads.

Step 6: Video

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    2 years ago

    I used to use diluted lemon juice when I became a teenager, it helps a lot :)