Blackie's Pedestal




Blackie is a little stray cat we took in last autumn.  He said he needed a pedestal and agreed to help with the construction.  We think he is happy now.

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    The crocheting is a fabulous idea! Did you just use regular sisal or some other type of rope? Does it seem to last longer/be more desirable to scratch than just wrapping it? Also, how long did it take?

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    It is regular sisal, a large ball of it. It was the thinnest I could find. I got it at Menards for about $12, and have a lot left. I also made him some toys from it that he loves. I made starting chain of 12-15 loops, then did three single crochet in each. It spirals around and becomes a springy, textured toy to get your claws into. The tube for the scratching post took a couple evenings of serious crocheting while watching TV, mostly Criminal Minds! I just spiraled around, did not even do a step up. Did not have to keep track of rounds that way. I would recommend stapling it to the post in a lot of places. He did not like it loose on the post. The post he really likes is one we covered with low loop carpet. It is very tall and has a large base. He can really stretch up and it does not tip. He mostly likes to sleep in the tray on top. It is right between where I sit and my husband sits in the family room, so he gets lots of attention and can keep an eye on all the action. Thanks for looking!