Bland Room-Ikea Entry

Recently moved back into my house from childhood which has very small rooms. I'm entering the third/spare room for my entry. I've never had a "computer room" and that is ideally what I wanted it to be. Now I want it to be a computer/spare room/relaxation room.. If I could re-do it I would:

1) Place a throw rug down. Although hardwood floors are coming back, this is unfinished with a tons of junk on it. A cozy, fluffy rug would make it feel homely
2) Give it some nice curtains or drapes. The windows are pretty large and should be showcased
3) Storage storage storage! Since this house is incredibly old, there isn't enough storage anywhere and the closets are very shallow. I would love to have some sort of closet space organizer for extra coats and things. Also, a small bookshelf to store all the extra books and cd's that have no other place to go
4) A futon. A nice futon to relax on to catch the afternoon sun. Or if need be, a quick and easy spare bed for a guest.
5) Computer desk. A sturdy computer desk that isn't too clunky
6)and of course..wall hangings and paintings! Something to make the room POP!

Something relatively simple and cozy. I envision this room to have a more spacious look and feel in comparison to the rest of the house. Though I'm doing my best on my own to transform this area, it would be a dream to have help from Ikea. Thanks!

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