Blanket W/ Pillows: Using Salvaged Material/Yarn

Introduction: Blanket W/ Pillows: Using Salvaged Material/Yarn

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Simple Blanket that is both gorgeous (or classy :for a guy), and unique. Need a decorative inspiration for your room? your bed is often the focal point- to begin with. . . . Then you go from there.

This Blanket is made from salvaged materials from home and low-cost Items elsewhere: (I bought my material from the second hand shop in town).

I also made decorative pillows to embellish the scene with- and for added comfort, of course.

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Step 1: STEP 1: Gather Materials for Creation of Quantissimo Blanket

Materials needed are:

  1. Sewing Machine(makes it a lot easier and fast than by hand). Make sure bobbin is loaded-and you will need 1 or 2 spools of Thread; essentially.
  2. Also have hand sewing kit:( includes- needle, thread, scissors... thimble- (for thicker materials))
  3. 2 (or more) sizable materials from thrift store; or EXTRA material from a project or friend's crafting room.
  4. About 3 days to a week to work on your project.
  5. Also have some straight pins to hold your blanket pieces together whilst making the thing.We want it straight and well-formed.


A material made from wool for a warmer, more durable outcome.

P.S. This is the backside of my wonderful - most fabulous, blanket! .....

Step 2: STEP 2: Sew Blanket/ Pin Blanket..

  • (It helps to form a cross-section of pins to keep it centered, and from wrinkling.
  • The perimeter should also definitely be pinned neatly).
  • I cut my central pieces of fabric till they were (almost) even, and then sewed them together on the outside, and parallel lines through the mid-section of it. Measure the distance before starting a new line; then you can pretty much just guess-work it from there. This helps to keep the two pieces flat against each other, ensuring the blanket to be more solid. - It looks nice as well.-
  • I flipped the longer edge over on one end to make a nice "Top- Ligned" edge to make it appear slightly more FORMAL and to give it "PerSonalitY....."- you know....?
  • Next you can cut even sized strips for the two sides and the top/bottom. I did this using a gray sheet
  • Ensuring that you don't have frays; You must sew the ends, and flip it inside out, OR, as in my case, leave 2 inches approx. on one edge of strip to flip over. Line it up and flip, reducing ends by 1/2. Sew these edges to Central materials.
  • (Do this for each of the Rectangular Strips).
  • Pin said sheet-(or other material) -strips to main fabric centerpiece, around the edge.(only worry about doing this step if you did not leave the edge open on the last step)- Sew onto blanket, of course.
  • Do same With Top/ Bottom Edges. Now your blanket is done.
  • You may embellish with Yarn.
  • (I did this by tying together two even sized strips of yarn in the center, and connecting them in evenly spaced lines( Every other)).

Step 3: Making Your Own Matching Pillows:

  • Well, I would salvage any leftover material from your project, that is worth using, and make "decorative" pillows; or a matching pillow case.
  • This makes your blanket look even more awesomely presented, when made from matching materials.
  • If you don't have filler, like me; What I did was stuff them with thin strips of unused fabric.
  • Sew Ends Together and leave a space to fill with fluff/strips/feathers,
  • If you are low on fluff ;(this can be depressing) : Sew divots in your pillows to make them tighter/ and more secure. It looks great!
  • Be happy with your completed project, and yourself, for being so awesome. Put it in your scrapbook of accomplishments, and lay back and enjoy what you did.
  • This particular project cost about 13 dollars.( This being, I already had some of the sewing supplies)....

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    3 years ago

    It looks good :) I like the plaid that you picked out!