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Introduction: Bleach Manga Bracelet

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this isn't a hard thing to make. the longest part is waiting for it to dry. good craft for teens or for parents as a gift they might like

Step 1: Gather Materials

first gather all the stuff you will need

plaster of paris

round bottle




manga you want to use


Step 2: Making a Bracelet Blank

get a round fizzy drink bottle (7up ,club orange etc) and cut out a ring that will fit over your hand cut it and tape together if it's to biglike so :

Step 3: Making It Rigid

Cover the plastic ring in plaster of paris strips first horizontally then vertically

Step 4: Finished Plaster

When it's finished and dried it should look like this

Step 5: Pick Some Manga Scenes

Pick a manga to use (I picked Bleach) you can print them off the interwebs if you don't have/don't want to cut up a manga

Step 6: Almost Done

cut them out and stick them on

Step 7: Finished

cover the manga side with clear plastic (i used the stuff you use to cover school books) tape would work too paint the underside black (or what ever you want really)

Step 8: Other Notes

wear with pride and treat others who don't understand it with utter utter contempt or get berated for being a massive nerd I'm not really sure what will happen¯\_(ツ)_/¯

other notes: paper mache would work too try to keep it dry it doesn't hold up very well when wet

P.S if you don't feel like making this it is for sale on etsy

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    Awesome. I am definitely going to show my daughter how to make these.