Bleaching and Dyeing Facial Hair




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KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE! Volunteers country.
That is where I live. Orange everywhere. I had told some of my friends at work that I would dye my facial hair orange.

Items needed:
Goatee or other facial hair
Gloves (keeps the hands from getting discolored)
Mixing bowl
Applicator brush
Strong desire to have a nasty smell close to your nose

Ensure your hair to be colored is dry and clean.
Follow the instructions on the whitener package and mix with appropriate developer. I used 40.
Apply whitener to hair to be colored ONLY! This stuff will strip the color from anything it touches.
Let it work for as long as the directions recommend. I went 25 minutes just to be safe.
Rinse thoroughly and dry completely.

You should have a nice Marilyn Monroe blonde swath of hair now. 

Now is the time to apply the dye. It goes on easily. Just about as thick as coffee creamer from the gas station.
Again, ONLY apply this to the now blonde hair to be colored. 
I allowed it to do what it does for about 30 minutes because it did not have a bad aroma like the whitener did.
Rinse and shampoo.
Enjoy the stares and odd questions from friends and family.



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