Blending Images

using Photoshop to make blending image effects .

Step 1:

1.Create a new blank window any size any color.

2. Open up any image from your hard drive.

3 Select all.

4 select edit then copy. the blank colored window by clicking on it and then select edit then paste.

Step 2:

6 select the square marquee tool. inside the image as shown and hold your left mouse down as you drag to make a square. Keep it inside the image edges.

8 Go to select and click on inverse.

9 go to select again and click on feather

Step 3:

10.As you click on feather a selection window will open up. Type in 10 px for the feather radius, you may experiment with these settings to get the desired effect you want. Now click ok .

11 go to edit then click on cut.

You have now feathered the edges of your image. But the blending looks kind of harsh and you can see a sharp edge. One reason is when you selected the square with the marquee tool, you were too close to the edge and your feather radius was not enough. To correct this go to 12.

Step 4:

12 go to select then click on re-select.

13. Go to edit then click on cut again.

Step 5: Effects

filter > render > lightning effects .

adjust the effects according to the image .

final image .



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