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Introduction: Blighted Beak - Plague Doctor Mask

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This mask is based on the Blighted Beak Mask from TF2, but is good for any Plague Doctor costume.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Leather (Varying thicknesses. Don’t know the technical measurements, so check the pics. Used a somewhat thick stuff for most of the mask, then a little bit of thin material for ze “goggles”)

- Leather shears or just some strong scissors

- x-acto

- Leather hole punch

- a “gold” buckle (mine was probably smaller than what’s in the game version, so size is up to you)

- Rivets

- Clear acrylic plastic (I bought a cheap acrylic frame from michael’s)

- Acrylic paint: White and burnt umber(or whatever sort of brown strikes your fancy)

- Strong glue of your choosing(I use E-6000)

Step 1: Main Piece

Draw out your main mask piece on paper. Should look something like this. Make your eyes perfect circles.

Trace onto thicker leather. Cut out. Soak in water and shape it into the correct shape. Use your face to get it right. The beak can take a while. Just keep at it.

Try to keep the eye holes as circular as possible. They tend to get deformed at this stage.

Let dry until hard. Paint white. I did a light wash of burnt umber to give it an aged look.Paint tip of beak with burnt umber like sooo.

Step 2: Goggle Eyes

Cut out two strips of the thin leather. Paint brown.

Fit into each eye socket. Unless you’re a pro or bothered to measure like I did not, it probably will overlap itself.So keep trimming until it fits. Glue into place.

Cut out two circles from the acrylic(takes forever. There's also the option of cusom ordering acrylic circles to size). I used sand paper on mine to give it that frosted look. Would not recommend this if you’d like to see out of it. This is a fairly old tutorial and I have since made many improvements to the design. For this I now cover the lenses with gray stocking material. Same effect, but you can actually see out of them.

Glue into eyes. You may need to trim the edges to make them fit.

Step 3: Belt

Cut out two leather strips. The width should be based on how big your buckle is. The length should be based on how gigantic your noggin is. One should be shorter than the other, so that the buckle appears on the side of the head.

Cut slit into end of short piece.

I stupidly did not paint my strip brown before this step. I recommend that you do. Then super glue your leather together to keep buckle in place. If you’re feeling fancy you can use a rivet. But I hate rivets and rivets hate me.

On your long strip round one end. Also punch holes down its length, like a belt. Paint.

Cut out two leather pieces in this shape. Hole punch two holes like so. Paint.

Install rivets into holes. Glue one of these pieces to the short piece of belt, and the other to the long piece.

Glue a riveted piece to each side of mask like so.

Step 4: And Done!




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    I know this is super old but what did you use to cut the clear acrylic for the lenses? Just an exacto knife?

    2 replies

    I did use only an x-acto knife, but it was a total pain to do. Takes a long time and isn't particularly neat. I'd recommend looking into the acrylic services that can custom cut acrylic circles to size.

    Would there be anyway possible to upload the base drawing for it? I think itd help a lot to have the exact drawing to download

    Hello Katie nice mask I really want to make one but what is the best type of leather to use for this. And maybe a fabric shop I could go to?

    Let's go practice medicine

    Oops. That was not medicine .

    This looks like something my grandson would love . However we will be making ours out of paper mache though he loves leather work. That will be #2 after the paper. make a mold out of chicken wire (covered with clear wrap to keep paper from sticking of course) perhaps. Just another idea for a quick mask not a work of art or collectable. Just fun.

    how easy would it be to add a bottom piece to this mask? with either gluing or stitching the extra bottom leather on?
    this idea is totally awesome.
    also what size piece of leather did you use?

    Well done.. Love your use of REAL materials and I love the grey stocking idea..
    Black paint rubbed into the sandpaper scratches might work too. Polish off the spare paint with "BRASSO" brass polish after the paint had dried..

    Regards... MichaelMacNZ

    i was wondering if you can help me with an idea of mine that requires something like those venetian style masks.

    3 replies

    been dreaming of attempting to make a mask like this but i have no idea on how to get started on it

    Hmmm..Have you ever used paper clay? Cool, light weight material. Personally, I'd probably buy a cheap craft mask like the ones they sell at craft stores. Cut it into the general shape of this design and then use paper clay on top of it to create the teeth and various design. Not really the sort of masks I typically make, but that's what I'd try if I were you.

    Looks great, but a little vague on the leather forming part? Are there tools required? Do you form it over something? Never worked with leather before so just wondering.

    1 reply

    It's pretty much all done by hand. Once the leather is wet you can press that piece to your face to conform to the bridge of your nose and to wrap around the sides of your head(basically shaping it to your face how you want the mask to be). From there you can start hand shaping the beak. Sometimes if its really wet it starts to lose it shape, so it best to fix the shape a few more times during the drying process.

    Damn, i wanted to fo this like 2 years ago (for Carnval or Halloween) but didn't know how. Thanks for the tutorial!