Blind Helmet

Introduction: Blind Helmet

Blind people use a white helmet as a tool for direction, when they move or walk.Here, we develop a tool which can serve as a blind helmet being more efficient and helpful than the conventional one.

This project is made in khera jattan Nook

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Step 1: Material

1. Arduino uno

2. Ultrasonic sensor

3. Buzzer

4. Battery

5. Switch

6. Battery caliper

7. Specs

8. Jumper wire

9. Dabble tape

10. Cardboard helmet

Step 2: Arduino Connect to Ultrasonic Sensor

First, take Four jumper wires and put them in ultrasonic sensors.

VCC - 5v

Trig - 13

Echo - 12

Gnd - Ground

Step 3: Arduino Connect to Buzzer

Buzzer positive wire to connect Arduino pin 7

Buzzer negative wire to Arduino Ground

Step 4: Arduino Connect to Battery

Battery positive wire to connect Arduino pin V1n

Battery negative wire to Arduino Ground.

Step 5: Fix It

Arduino Uno, Battery, ultrasonic sensor and switch added to the helmet.

Step 6: Arduino Cord

Now its time for uploading the sketch.The sketch for the Arduino is given below, copy this into your Arduino IDE, then upload into your Arduino

#define trigPin 13

#define echoPin 12

#define motor 7

#define buzzer 6void setup(){pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT);pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);pinMode(motor, OUTPUT);pinMode(buzzer,OUTPUT);}void loop(){long duration, distance;digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); delayMicroseconds(2); digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH);delayMicroseconds(10); digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW);duration = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);distance = (duration/2) / 29.1;if (distance < 70)// This is where checking the distanceyou can change the value{ digitalWrite(motor,HIGH); // When the the distance below 100cmdigitalWrite(buzzer,HIGH);} else{digitalWrite(motor,LOW);// when greater than 100cmdigitalWrite(buzzer,LOW); } delay(500);}

Step 7: It's Ready to Use

Step 8: Video Link

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