Bling Tree Nightlight

Introduction: Bling Tree Nightlight

This is a fun, inexpensive way to make a nightlight that fits in with the Holiday Season. 

What you'll need:

Tin Foil

Electric Tea Light (Multicolor works great!)

Scrap Paper (newspaper ect. . .)


Tape (Silver Duct Tape)

Masking Tape

An Awl or anything pokey for making holes.

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Step 1:

First you make a cone like shape with your scrap paper and your tape.  You want the circumference of the bottom big enough for the tea light to fit.

Take your paper and tape cone and wrap it with foil, CAREFULLY!  Though I was lucky to finish this unscathed, tinfoil has taken more then one slice off me.

Roll the bottom of the foil for a little extra support.

Make sure you don't wrap it too tight as the paper cone will be used for support while you work, but removed for the finished product.

Step 2:

Use a few strips of tape to secure the edges.  Commence with the poking of the holes.  I used my handy dandy pocket knife, but again, scissor tips, a screw driver or whatever can be used.  I used an offset pattern to help defuse the light. 

The holes might have to be remade as you build the boughs, but this way you have a good idea of where they are supposed to be.

Loosen the top and work your paper support free at this point.  You'll re-insert it as you work, but this way it's not stuck in there at the end.

Step 3:

Cut about 3 inch strips of foil.  Length doesn't really matter, only that it's roughly 3"X3" squares when all is said and done.

Accordion fold the strip of foil, about 1/2 inch,  and cut at roughly 3 inch intervals. 

Snip one side of the accordion folds about 1/2 inch in so it will curve around the cone better.

Now comes the slightly tricky part.

Fold up the snipped end, wrap the section around the base of the cone and tape into place.  Overlap the Accordion-3 inch-snipped-folded sections in a slight spiral.

Once you get the first layer, shape with scissors and refresh your holes that the tape covered.  Duct tape is a little tough to get through so the paper support comes in handy when your muscling the tip of your awl though.

Do this for about three layers or spirals.

Step 4:

After you finish the 3 spirals, you'll have some excess at the top. Trim that off so you have a roughly 1/2 inch neck  on your tree. 

For the top of the tree, fold a 2inch piece of foil 3 times, so you have 4 sections.  Cut out a soft heart-like shape. 

Use your paper support to wrap and tape on the underside.  Flip up the sides, if you have something that resembles a witches disco hat, you did it right!   Now poke holes in it

Remember to leave some space at the top so the light hits the peak of your tree.

You could top it at this point, but I found I needed an extra layer on the neck.  I used the same technique I used on the topper, with the soft heart cut out and taped them along the neck. 

Enlarge the holes at the neck.

Step 5:

Now straighten and tweak your tree.  Turn on your tea light and set the base of your tree over it.  You might want to check your light output and enlarge the holes or add a few so the shimmer's better.

Place the topper on and there you go! 

A Blingy Tree Nightlight!

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