Bling'ed Out Button Rings (3 Styles)




Introduction: Bling'ed Out Button Rings (3 Styles)

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Easy, inexpensive, kid friendly craft, making Bling'ed Out Button Rings!

If you're babysitting a pre-teen and need an easy craft or want something fun and pretty to jazz up a holiday outfit, then try this easy Instructable. 

You only need a few items and a few minutes to make them. Plus they don't have to be holiday related. Follow the instructions and use other items to fit the current style you are looking for.

*** Welcome everyone from - And a big THANK YOU to diylesson for mentioning this project over there.

So let's get started making our Bling'ed Out Button Rings!

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Step 1: Materials

To make a single button ring, you will need:
  • Hair elastic
  • Button (clear is preferred)
  • Needle and thread to match hair elastic
  • Embellishments;
    • Suggested Items:
    • Mirrored Self-stick Snowflake *
    • Gems (self stick) *
    • A beautiful unique looking button
In order to make additional rings, you will need more buttons. You may also need another hair elastic (quantity needed depends on finger size and amount used). 

* Note: The embellishments that are used in this Instructable were obtained from a dollar type discount store. Many have packages of self stick gems and seasonal decorations in a variety of materials (like mirror). They are very affordable.

Be creative and have fun with this. Just use materials you have or can get.

Step 2: Make the Button Ring

There are images for you to refer to at every step of the way.

Start by cutting open the hair elastic (remove the metal part if yours has it).

Measure the elastic around the finger you want to make a ring for. Ensure that its comfortable. When you have the size figured out, cut the elastic so you have ONLY enough elastic to fit around the finger comfortably.

Using a needle and thread, poke the needle into one end of the elastic (through the inner rubber material). Loop needle back through a few times to ensure the stitching is secure.

Now thread your button on until its at the elastic end. Then thread the needle through the other end of the elastic. Again, loop the needle through a few times to ensure the stitching is secure. Then run the needle through the button holes one more time. Knot the thread and snip off the excess.

You should now have something similar to the main image in this step.

NOTE: To make a ring using only a unique looking button, follow the same instructions as above, just swap the clear button for your unique button.

The process to attach shank style buttons are the same as a flat style with 2 or more holes.

Step 3: Add Your Bling to Your Ring!

This is the funnest part! - Adding the BLING!

If you have self stick embellishments (like those used here), you'll find adding them to your rings VERY easy. Just remove backing and press into place.

If you have similar items, but they are NOT self stick, you can achieve the SAME result with a little glue that can bond the materials you are using. 

* IMPORTANT: If any glue is used to adhere the embellishments, ensure that kids are supervised and are only using adhesives that are safe for their use.

If you're interested in seeing more Instructables that are easy, affordable and create something cool, without any special tools, then remember to follow me!


- canucksgirl

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    Thanks for the comment. I'm still a noob so getting feedback is appreciated!

    Cute! I like how you used elastic so you can make it any size you want easily.


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    Thanks Penolopy. The elastic makes it more comfortable too!


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    Awesome! This is clever! Thanks for sharing!