Blink: Weeping Angel T-shirt




Introduction: Blink: Weeping Angel T-shirt

About: Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with making interesting crafts, usually small stuffed animal and dolls and crappy beaded jewelry. Now, I'm still an obsessive crafter who makes up her own patterns, only...

This is what happens when you give a Dr.Who fan sharpies and a blank T-shirt + an hour downtime! I want to add more angels (maybe an attacking one in back!) but this is it so far:)



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    don't blink(blink)i am dead!

    Awesome shirt i wanna make one :D Come check out my weeping angel instructable :)

    It sort of depends on your drawing ability. I drew it free-hand with a picture in front of me. You could probably use a printable iron-on transfer sheet, find a good pic (google "Weeping Angel", you get tons) and just iron it on:)