Blinky the Bristlebot


Introduction: Blinky the Bristlebot

This is Blinky the Bristlebot and also an interesting demonstration of technological anthropomorphism (assigning human characteristics to animals, plants or inanimate objects).Adding the eyes and a name changed my friends' comments from '*sigh* another of Andy's strange gadgets' to 'Ahhhhh, Isn't he cute!'.This is my interpretation of the EvilMadScientist bristlebot which I made a few months ago.



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    14 Discussions

    I need to make one but i cant get the right motor... Fight club sounds fun though

     adding the eyes and the name is important

    My first reaction was just like theirs

    'Isn't it cute?'

    nice toy :)

    aaaaaaaaaaw i make one i shall name him blinky and blinky shall be mine

    is it a phone vibrater deal? if so where at? under the battery? what kind of battery? sorry bout all the questions... not to smart

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    Yep, it's a phone vibrator and any small button-cell type battery will do. If you look at the opening shot in the video you can see it's held down by a springy bit of wire from one terminal of the motor. There's a wire you can't see from the other motor terminal to underneath the motor. See the EvilMadScientist link above for details. I used exactly the same principle but different components.