Block Animation




Introduction: Block Animation

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Welcome to my block animation!

Step 1: The Process of the Making

For this animation, I've made numerous things happen in the animation, just all connected, different segments are added within the animation

Step 2: Ideas and Sketches

Here are some of ideas. I came up with..

Step 3: Materials That Were Used

Step 4: Preparing the Idea

Preparing the idea on the go was really tough, just trying to picture of how everything should go and stuff.

Step 5: Final Touches

I finally fixed any erroed moves, that I may have caused then walla it is created!!

Step 6: Video of the Making



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    4 Discussions

    I would love it if you made more anamation guides

    Odd. When I pressed the video it said

    'This video does not exist!'

    I would really love to see it, so please fix it!