Block Content (images, Videos, Etc.) You Don't Want to See in Opera





Opera has a function called "Block Content". It lets you make certain objects like pictures, ads, and other crap you don't want to see invisible just by selecting an item from a drop-down menu and clicking on the annoying stuff.
You can make all the content on a page invisible with one click or choose objects individually. It also blocks the content throughout the whole site, so you won't have to redo it everytime you load a new page.

Step 1: Right Clicky!

Go to a website, right click on an empty (not on a picture or anything) part of the page, and select "Block Content".

Step 2: Select Content to Block

Click on the content you want to block to block all of that type on the page (if you click a JPEG picture, it will block all JPEGs on the page), or hold shift and click on an object to block the individual item.



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    10 years ago on Step 2

    I dunno if it does acutally "block" or just hides them.
    There's a similar addon/extension for firefox if your interested.