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It seems that some people dislike K'nex. Although I find them a tad annoying, they aren't the bane of my existence (that's the line of IE browsers!) This method hides them away, getting them out of your sight.

The basic outline is this:

1 - InstallFirefox
2 - InstallGreasemonkey
3 - Clickthis link

Once you do this, you will be with the inner zen of yourself and your lack of K'nex guns!

Coding byzachninme
Blacklist, testing, suggestions, and hosting by NachoMahma

Thanks WhatsIsFace for the motivation to get me started on the project, and for testing.


Step 1: Install Firefox / Get Greasemonkey

Although you can use other browsers with Greasemonkey, (Seamonkey, Epiphany), this tutorial will just cover Firefox. This instructable goes over how to use a greasemonkey script with Opera.

If you have IE, Install Firefox. You'll like it much more, and instructables doesn't support IE. This means that instructables should render better.


You'll also need Greasemonkey:

Get Greasemonkey

You will need to restart Firefox for Greasemonkey to work.

Step 2: Get the Script!

Now that you have Greasemonkey, click me!

Voila! The script is installed, and K'nex are blocked, and Allsteps is automatic!

You can stop right here, or you could read on and find out about the script's features!

Step 3: Changing Blacklist/Whitelist

Lets say you don't want to see anything to do with squid. You can't stand squid -- and it makes you want to hug a blanket.

Just open up the script, and locate:
//Edit below line to change blacklist.var blacklist = [&aposknex&apos,"k&aposnex",&aposk-nex&apos,&aposlego&apos,&aposrunescape&apos,&apos!!!!!&apos,&aposkillerk&apos,          &aposrubber band gun&apos,&aposrbg&apos,&apossoe op&apos,&aposgrenade&apos,&aposmegatron&apos,          &aposme pain&apos,&aposoodalumps&apos,&apospaintball&apos];//Edit below line to change whitelist.          var whitelist = [&aposGreasemonkey Script&apos];

To add squid to your blacklist, put it in quotes, and add a comma:
var blacklist = [&aposknex&apos,"k&aposnex",&aposk-nex&apos,&aposlego&apos,&aposrunescape&apos,&apos!!!!!&apos,&aposkillerk&apos,          &aposrubber band gun&apos,&aposrbg&apos,&apossoe op&apos,&aposgrenade&apos,&aposmegatron&apos,          &aposme pain&apos,&aposoodalumps&apos,&apospaintball&apos &apos&apos&apos,&apossquid&apos &apos&apos&apos];

However, lets say you still want to see things pertaining to Squid Labs. You could add "labs" to your whitelist.
var whitelist = [&aposGreasemonkey Script&apos &apos&apos&apos,&aposlabs&apos &apos&apos&apos];

Step 4: Blocking Individual Items

Lets say, you hatethe idea of using the Create with Linux. You want to block it, but you still want to view things pertaining to Linux, and the iRobot Create.

Click the small "x" next to the title, and it will be blocked!

But, all of the sudden, you're taken over by Linux-Create-Fever, and you must see this again. No problem.

Just go to...
If you get a 404, don't panic. The script will soon turn it into a unblocking page, where you can simply click to unblock.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    I followed:
    1 - Install Firefox
    2 - Install Greasemonkey (and restarted f/f)
    3 - Click this link - gave me a 404, still seeing k'nex?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     LOL Also, have you seen my knex stuff?? PLEASE check it out. Rate and subscribe!

    much appreciated :)

    So you went to the ible' for people who hate knex and want them to look at your knex. Don't take this in a bad way but thats like going into an african american neighborhood and saying "You guys should see my white supremecy stuff!" It just doesn't go over well XD

    Haha! I believe thats what referred to as "trolling" In all seriousness, your example is spot on, but levels of magnitude stronger than the knex situation.