Block-Printing With Things You Can Find in the Trash




Introduction: Block-Printing With Things You Can Find in the Trash

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Here is a quick 3 step video tutorial about how you can make little rubber stamps from common household items.

This tutorial even shows you how to make a linoleum cutter (like the ones used in linoleum block printing)

Step 1: What You Need to Find...

 You Will Need:

>White eraser
>Little butane torch (you could bend the blade by hand, but it will almost always break)
>Rubber Stamping ink

Step 2: Step 1 Making the Carving Tool

Bending a razor blade into a cutting tool. 

Step 3: Step 2 Making the Carving Tool

 Making a handle to hold the cutting tool.

Step 4: Step 3 Actually Making the Stamp

Carving a design.



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    20 Discussions

    Wow great idea nepheron!!!

    You could easily make a mini scorp or a J shaped hooked /crooked knife that are both pull/cutting tools...!!!

    Great tutorial....!!!

    1 reply

    What you have made with the above tutorial is in fact a mini type plane tool...

    Very ingenious, how did you come up with this idea....???

    I love your silent videos! Seriously, it was nice to see and not hear, and so clear. You've got me excited to give this a try again. Thank you for your time and the nice videos. :O)

    would it help if it was completely horizontal (the dowel)?

    thanx for sharing, nice idea for making chisel, and cool stamps design.

    Very nice work. Cheap, well-made, and very effective. All things I deem necessary for a great instructable.

    Hi! Nice ible! I've just made a stamp using a hobby knife by carving a V shape. Turned out pretty good! But I'm kinda worried that if I make a really intricate pattern the eraser might break. Any other materials you can think of? (aside from Sugru)
    By the way, AWESOME stamps!

    2 replies

    Thanks :)

    Try using erasers, they are a bit softer and more resilient than sugru.

    What I meant was that I made the stamp out of an eraser =) But in due time, the eraser will wear out... Maybe something like a cut up squash ball would work?

    Thank you so much! Your tool has inspired me to create a variation. I gave reference to this instructable, if thats okay with you?

    1 reply

    ok this is really slick, but text would be nice as well.

    Now to make the designs such as the ones shown would you just make a tighter "u" bend when heating the metal to achieve a cutter that could cut out more detailed lines and patterns?
    great ible btw!

    1 reply


    Yes, the tighter the U shape, the more detail you can achieve. Just make sure it's extra hot for a tight bend, or it will crack (it's very brittle steel)

     I used a regular knive, it looks much easier with your bended razor blade. Thanks for showing me this!