Blockbuster Line-busters!


This will give you the option of skipping the long lines at your local Blockbuster Video Store.

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Step 1: As You Enter the Store...


...there probably isn't though so;

find an employee and ask Them,
"Do you guys have {{{this movie/game}}}??"

What they say goes something like,

"Yeah we do, lemme find it for you."

But occasionally they throw you the,

"No we don't..."***frowns / makes a sad face*** "I'M sorry"
This only happens if you think it will.

Step 2: About Done...

very important here---

THEY WON"T LET YOU LEAVE No matter how much you think you NEED to.

So be careful.

Repeat step: 1 if you wish to rent anything more.

Good luck, and goodbye for now...........................

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