Blokey Flowers From Electrical Tape for Valentine's Day




Introduction: Blokey Flowers From Electrical Tape for Valentine's Day

Valentine's was fast approaching and I needed to do something special. What would adequately express my feelings yet be uniquely me? Wanted to show my sensitive side but not be too feminine... so I decided to make some 'blokey' flowers out of electrical tape! It was a hit!

It was also a good way to transform common electrical tape into something way cooler!


Step 1: The Core of the Flower

Take a long strip of electrical tape in the colour of your choice. The colour you choose will determine the colour of the resulting flower. I originally doubled the electrical tape back on itself (sticky side inwards) to make it easier to handle. However, bear in mind that doing this will increase the thickness of the petals. In the end, I decided to skip this step and opted for thinner petals. It also makes it a little easier to make as the stickiness will help to hold the flower shape as you fold in your later steps. My advice is to experiment and find what you prefer.

To start the core of the flower start a little in from one end of the strio and twist about 1 cm of the tape tightly.

Step 2: Making the Flower Head

Bend the strip outwards (away from you) so that it runs parrallel to the core. Wrap the resulting folded section around the core. Repeat this process changing the angle of the bend each time to slowly open up the flower. The pictures probably explain the process better than my words.... experiment a little, there's no right or wrong. Continue until you have a nice looking rose head.

Step 3: Differences in Thickness of Petals

At this stage you can cut the excess tape off and stick another strip of green electrical tape to the end to make a stem. Simply wrap the green electrical tape downwards progressively. You can see from the picture different flowers made in this manner. The pastel colours were made by wedgeing a coloured strip between two white ones.However, you end up with a much thicker head. The dark blue one is made from a singe strip and the yellow is made using two strips stuck together as per step one. Electrcal tape is really forgiving so play around until you find something that suits.

Step 4: An Eternity of Flowers

Here I have some made from red electrical tape. There are all single strips as I think they look more realistic with thinner petals. The one on the very left was made by increasing the width of the electrical tape by taping two strips side by side with the edge slightly overlapping so that they would stick. Eight roses to symbolise eternity (the figure '8' on its side is the symbol for eternity)

Step 5: Leaf Technique

To make leaves for the flower heads, take a small strip of green tape and fold on itself leaving a small raised section in the middle. This is achieved by sticking the edges of the folded section slightly inwards of the main strip (see picture). This creates the effect of a curved spine for the leaf.

Step 6: More on Leaves

Cut out your leaf shape. Leaving folded section slightly longer than the original so that you can stick it to the flower head.

Step 7: Single Flower Heads With a Leaf

Attach the leaf to the head and use a little more green tape to hold in place.

Step 8: Protecting the Product

If using only a single strip to make the rose heads they will be sticky and attract dust on the exposed adhesive sides. To get around this and preserve the look of the flowers I coated them with spray varnish. Krylon brand is what I used (I think)

Then plan your arrangement. I used the big one in the middle surrounded by the others.

Step 9: More Leaves

Make some bigger leaves by taping two strips side by side. Trim with scissors to the desired shape. Don't forget the technique to make the crease in the middle.

Step 10: Combining the Flowers

Glue all the flower heads together and attach the larger leaves afterwards.

Step 11: The Art of Flower Arranging

This pic shows the heads all glued together. I had to buch them up a bit for a better look. and tape that with some more green tape to hold it in that shape.

Step 12: A Special Kind of Frame.

Cut a little frame from wood to hold the flowers. I used two retangular pieces, one with a hole cut in it. Then stain to your desired colour.

Step 13: The Message

Create a stencil to engrave your frame with.

Step 14: The Special Flower Fragrance

Using a rotary tool, engrave your message. Apply a coat of clear varnish to provide contrast between the engraving and the stained wood. Attach the flowers with lots of super glue. (Notice I rounded the larger leaves for a better effect). Then add some of your favorite perfume to ensure your flowers smell nice.

Step 15: The End Result!

And there you have it! Blokey flowers for Valentine's. It's the effort that one puts into a present that makes it special!


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello I love this and want to make one for my girlfriend , but I cant get the technique sorted, is there any chance you could put a video up or give me some tips please ,thank you Ryan


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yea, will try it for sure! Can be ready for Valentine's Day :)


    9 years ago on Step 12

    This whole instructable is incredible! I'm definitely going to try it out before Christmas :) Just a question, what wood did you use for the frame?


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 12

    Hi Gromble Tromble, The wood I used was treated pine. Purchased a straight length from the local hardware store. The width was 65mm and the thickness was about 8mm from memory. Buying something close to what you are going to use helps... less cuts. Treated pine worked for me because it's light in colour and therefore you get a great contrast in colour when you stain the wood and subsequently engrave it. It's also better than other hardwoods because it is easier to cut and sand (softer wood). Forgot to mention on the instructable that I rounded the edges of the frame... Hope all this helps!


    9 years ago on Introduction

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