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Blood, all that you need! I don't remember where I found the inspiration to make this bracelet. The only thing I know is that it is one of my favorite bracelets! I'm very proud of it because it came out of my imagination. Then I made it, and I looks exactly how I pictured it!


- Red glue sticks or transparent glue sticks + red nail polish

- Loop eye-pins (one for each blood tear).

- Chain

- 1 clap

- Two jumping rings (to make the closing)

- Depend on the amount of chain you use, you may need more jumping rings to hang the blood tears.


- Hot glue gun

- Pliers

- Pincers (if you want to do little tears)

Step 1:

Take the hot glue gun, the glue sticks, the pliers and one loop eye-pin.

P.S. I recommend you to protect the surface you'll be working on with a tablecloth, newspapers, etc.

Step 2:

Take the loop eye-pin from the loop with the pliers. Very carefully, put a drop of glue on the loop eye-pin and let it melt all along the pin. You can add some more glue if you think you haven't put enough.

The hotter the glue is, the more complicated the task is, because the glue melts faster. To do that, you need to move the loop eye-pin trying to keep the glue on the stick. When you see that the glue starts to dry, hold it order to make the final shape.

The number of blood tears is up to you. On my bracelet there are 11 tears.

The first drops are difficult to make, but once you've learned the trick you can make them very quickly.

Take a look at the video!

Step 3:

Now, you must choose the tears you love the most.

Step 4:

Take the chain and cut it to the desired size. Think about the clasp, then make the chain longer. Once you've cut it, distribute the tears all along the chain.

Step 5:

To hang the tears on the chain you need to open the loop of the loop eye-pin and hang them directly onto the chain. If the chain is too thin you'll maybe need a few jumping rings.

Step 6:

You're almost done! You only need to put the clasp. At one end of the bracelet, you should attach a jumping ring with a clasp and on the other end, just a jumping ring.

Step 7:

And you're done! You have a bracelet made of blood tears! You're now the owner of one of the most gore, bloody and maybe disgusting bracelet :p


P.S. If you love my blood tears bracelet please vote it on the hot glue contest!

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Glad you like it, It's one of my favorites! :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool! i'm definitely going to try this out :)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Glad you like it :) If you make it, please, upload a picture! I would love to see it :)