Blood Earrings

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These earrings are very easy to make and the result is surprising! I really love projects that allow you to make cool stuff with few and cheap things.

So... let's proceed and make some blood (I think deep down I must be a vampire!).


- Red glue sticks OR transparent + red nail polish

- Parchment paper

- 2 Earring's Hook

- 2 jumping rings

- Optional: varnish or clear nail polish


- Hot glue gun

- Pliers

Step 1:

Take a piece of parchment paper. Take your gun and make your design on paper. Once it's dry, you can add some more glue to make it look bloodier and thicker.

Step 2:

With a gimlet or something that can pierce glue make a hole on the top of the drop.

Step 3:

Take a jumping ring and pass it through the hole you've made. Due to the blood's texture, it's a little bit tricky to make it go through, but I'm sure you'll manage to do it!

Step 4:

Attach a earring hook to the jumping ring.

Step 5:

You're done! You only need to be careful with vampires now.

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