Blood Splatter Effect From Water Bottle Rocket Launcher

Introduction: Blood Splatter Effect From Water Bottle Rocket Launcher

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I'm going through old photos and sorting them... and I've found something I meant to document...

Here we added a blood splatter effect to a foam prop.

Step 1: Load and Fire

Load paint into your water bottle rocket launcher.

Aim at your shirt, prop, etc.

Fire -- I found a good distance of 3-4 feet

Very simple - but it gives a "random" pattern in a localized area. Just a little tip for next season ;)



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    You could do a bit more steps or a bit more writing. Although it's very nice.

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    Na, between what's here and what's in the associated project.... There's more than enough... I typically write too much anyway :p

    try putting that on a publicish area, random bullet holes on a wall(not too many), put some fake blood on yourself, have some firends shoot at you with some blank shooters and drive away while you lie there "dieing", wait for halarity to ensue when you jump up at the first person in a group to try and help.

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    update, set a camera in a hidden place but be sure it captures everything. then post it on youtube, and link me to it:)

    if fake blood doesn't dry, couldn't you use it still? at the end of the occasion, wash/wipe it off. Red dye will probably still stain though...

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