Blood Wine (Not Real Blood) for Your Halloween Party




Introduction: Blood Wine (Not Real Blood) for Your Halloween Party

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Hello Everybody, today i'm going to show you how to make a wine that looks like blood and even make you drunk, and the best that it's done in just 8 days of fermentation!

when it's done, will realy lookslike blood for the untrained eye and give a nice Vampire look to you costume!

Step 1: What You Will Need!

The utencils and ingredients a easy to fund and probaly you areadly have them at home.

the utencils:
4,5Liters botlle
*CO² lock

The ingredients
2 Beetroots
4liters of water
10g of Yeast
strawberry juice

Step 2: Blending the Beets

First you will need to peel and slice the beets whit your knife, cut the beets on cubes and trow on the blender, add a bit of water and start blending, it will look a bit goresome, even that inpires me to write a trash movie short.

Step 3: Puting Every Thing Toghter

time to unite all the ingredients, first put the blended beetroot, use the funel to do so, if necessary use a BBQ wood stick to help, next pour the water until it reach the begin of the bottle neck curve

add the strawberry juice, it could be natural or artificial, add the yeast, cap (or cork) and shake it to mix everything.

Step 4: CO Lock It and Leave It

put the co² lock and leave it for about 8 day or more if you disire. but remenber to put it on a place safe from sun light and with regular teperature, not too cold, not too heat.

after that you are ready to offer this fake blood drink to you party guests!



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    3 Discussions

    Kind of cool, I love the idea of making a tasty beverage from beetroot. There are some things I would like to point out though. Don't use any kind of strawberry juice that has preservatives in it, because they will most likely kill the yeast and prevent fermentation. Also, you don't need to worry much about sunlight, if there are no hops in there, sunlight should affect it much.

    I would also like to inquire as to what this tastes like when it's done, the author doesn't mention anything about its flavor.

    your adding yeast and there will sugar in it.. it will make a booze... depending on how much sugar is in the mix will determine alcohol content.