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Introduction: Bloody Band-Aid Cookies for Halloween

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See how to make a disgustingly delicious Halloween Treat for your party goers. Before your ghosts and demons devour this treat it also makes for a wonderful Halloween Decoration. Oh, and it is grossly easy to do.

Who doesn't like to lick the blood off a band-aid?

Great for Kids to Do!

A great Instructable for the kids to follow with minimal ingredients and only a few steps. Best of all, very quick and easy clean up.

This was an opportunity to do an instructable with the kids. All I did was buy the stuff and take the pictures. My 7 and 12 year old kids whipped up to packages in less than 30 minutes. Total time for setup, creation, and clean up is about 1 hour.

Enjoy and PLEASE VOTE!

Made By Kids!

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Step 1: Ingrediants

The ingredients for this gross Halloween treat is simple and easy to find. I ran up to our local discount pharmacy and found them all in about 10 minutes.

  • 2 packages of wafer style cookies
    • peanut butter wafers
    • vanilla vienna fingers
  • 1 large tube of white decorating icing
  • 2 tubes of red decorating gel
  • 2 tubes of black decorating gel
  • chocolate sprinkles (not pictured)
  • 1 box of band-aids

Note... used the entire tube of white icing and only one tube of red for blood.

Step 2: Create Sterile Cotton Bandage

I was undecided on which would look more realistic, so I bought the 2 different types of cookies. Graham crackers might work as well. All are mouth watering and delicious.

Would love to hear which you think are more realistic in the comments section.

  1. Squeeze the white icing onto the cookie near the center of the cookie.
  2. Try to apply the icing in a square shape.

Step 3: Shape the Bandage

Use a small knife to smooth and shape the bandage into a square shape.

Step 4: Add Blood

  1. Hand off your nice clean and sterile bandage to your assistant.
  2. Using the red gel, squeeze out any amount of blood color to your liking onto the sterile white bandage

Step 5: Optional Arm and Leg Hairs

Don't you just hate it when it is time to rip off that band-aid? Ouch!

We were trying to go for a body hair effect here. On some we used black gel icing and others we used chocolate sprinkles. What do you think is best? Have another idea? Please share your thoughts.

Step 6: Bloody Band-Aids Are Served

Any ghost, goblin, ninja, or princess with a sweet tooth will love these. They might respond with disgust at first sight, but will devour them.

Step 7: Blood Thirsty Bats and Spiders


This gruesomely delicious Halloween treat may also attract blood thirsty bats and spiders.

So.. which look more appealing? The peanut butter wafers or the vanilla Vienna finger cookies?

Enjoy and Please Vote! Kids would love to brag that THEY won an instructable!

Happy Halloween!

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    3 years ago

    Your welcome to check out my inscrutables


    3 years ago

    I think the peanut butter cookies are a great idea, much better tasting than just graham crackers and more realistic than the keebler cookies. I'm going to try that with 2 variations: I'll round the corners to make it look more like a bandaid, and I'll split the cookie in half lengthwise so that it's flatter like a bandaid. I may use white chocolate or marshmallow for the white part too. Love your idea, looks good, great job! ;-)